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are stranded across europe, africa asia and the americas. >> 5-year-old looking forward to seeing mickey mouse. really upset. >> the plane is stuck because of a volcano. >> there's nothing you can do, so we will make the best out of it. >> reporter: von call noll gists say it's impossible to predict how much longer this volcano will continue belching ash into the atmosphere. could be days, could be years. and depending on which way the wind blows, there could be a lot more disruption to come in our skies. tonight, the british extended their air space lockdown until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. there are 1200 flights scheduled to take off from heathrow tomorrow, and george, there's a fair chance that none of them will make it. >> could be a long weekend for a lot of people. thanks, nick. as nick said, volcanic ash can pose all kinds of problems for airliners. and while the scale of today's eruption might be rare, the threat is not. over the years, at least 126 aircraft have had serious encounters with ash clouds. lee a sfashg h lisa stark has the story. >> reporter: this was the view just two months ago
, president obama will have a power showdown with america's big banks. the banks announced huge profits today, for the first three months of this year. just as the president prepares his trip to wall street on thursday. he wants congress to take on the banks, the financial risk and secrecy. the banks say the economy will pay a price. tonight, we're going to bring you both sides of this duel, beginning with jake tapper at the white house. he covers the president. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. finance shl regulatory reform is an incredibly complicated, in the wields debate, but president obama talks about it in stark terms, almost as if he sees himself as a sheriff in the wild west, trying to clean up a criminal casino. painting a picture of some of these unregulated financial markets, president uses words such as gamble and bet. the chips are the economy. >> we can't allow financial institutions. the same recklessness that nearly brought down our entire economy. using money and connections to stack the deck. >> reporter: and in this good guys versus bad guys drama he describes, the p
the highest calorie fast food in america? the health care bill will make sure you do. >>> and, perfect pitch. one little bird joins a singing planet, thanks to our "persons of the week." >>> good evening. and on this good friday, we begin with new jobs. the most robust jobs report in three years. 162,000 more people found work last month. and though the unemployment rate is stuck at 9.7%, the country is a far cry from what we saw one year ago, when nearly 780,000 people, that red bar, they were losing jobs every single month. and now, some jobs are back, and our business reporr bianna golodryga is here. she's been pouring over the numbers to el us who got them. >> reporter: good evening, diane. while the stock market was closed today in observation of good friday, odds are, had it been open, traders would have finished the week on a positive note. after two years of job losses, march proved to be a turning point. today's numbers say it all. america is back in business. the president said as much in a speech today at a factory in north carolina. >> the economy actually produced a substantial
owes america $45 billion. that is how much stock we, the taxpayers, own. but if they can make real money, the treasury can sell that stock in the next year or two and maybe, just maybe, get most of it back. and then, diane, both presidents bush and obama can take credit for saving hundreds of thousands of jobs at a cost far lower than anyone thought. >> what a differences a year makes. thank you, bill weir. we wondered with gm repaying their loan, how many ious are still out there? so, we asked david muir to bring us up to date, in one minute. >> reporter: just who oechls us what? after the news from gm, we wondered, what about chrysler? taxpayers gave them $14 billion, and so far, they've paid back just a fraction, leaving us with an iou of more than $12 billion. so the question now is, are we going to recoup the chrysler money? >> i think we will, but it will take longer. >> reporter: and what about the banks? of the nine major banks bailed out, only one now hasn't paid up, citi group. taxpayers gave them $45 billion. they've paid back less than half. another iou to the taxpayers
america. enter his office, you see a scorecard from the 1932 world series, stevens was there, 12 years old. as babe ruth hit one of the most famous home runs ever in game three. flash forward, stevens, 85, throwing out the first ball for his beloved cubs. >> that was the highlight of my career. i had all my grandchildren, well, not all of them, but most of them there, and i can tell you, i was a hero that day. >> reporter: the son of a chicago hotel owner won a brobz star as an intelligence officer in world war ii, became a lawyer. and when he was nominated to the court, there were no angry cable channels. does he think he'd be confirmed today? >> probably not. >> reporter: would even want to be nominated? >> the difference in the process now is that they have -- it's televised. and that makes a huge difference. much more time taken up by the senators in explaining how important the hearings are than finding out what the nominee has to say and answer to your questions. >> reporter: yet four decades, he brought an old fashioned work ethic to the court, writing the first draft of his decisio
. tonight, the oil is on the shore of america's gulf coast and a lot more is on the way. someone in new orleans said today at times the smell is so strong it's like breathing the fumes of a car. and here is where that oil from the exploding rig is tonight as it starts to coat the beaches of louisiana. and, remember, one-fifth of the nation's seafood comes from these waters, shrimp, oysters, and 1,200 people are standing by to try to save the wildlife too. sam champion is in a commercial channel down in the gulf. >> reporter: this is tiger pass. clean water that shrimp boats take straight into the gulf. no one knows how big it's going to get or when it will end, because that uncapped well keeps pouring oil right into the gulf. there's been another question for a few days now. will that oil get into the protected wildlife behind us and harm any of the wildlife there? well, today that question was answered. the first environmental casualty of the gulf oil spill was found today. >> you can tell he is contaminated. the bird does have oil on the feathers. >> reporter: this northern ganet is s
in the sex abuse scandal. >>> race and america. today'the day for the census, counting all americans. but there's a kind of rebellion about the choices on race. >>> flashpoint. the supreme court will hear the case of the father forced to pay the protesters who tried to disrupt the funeral of his soldier son. >>> and, medical wonder. he could barely walk. doctors had no idea what he could really do. >>> good evening. the sexual abuse scandal in the church took a new turn today. with questionsbout money and favors and people high up in the church over the years. and, as part of it, we learned that pope benedict, when he was cardinal ratzinger, ultimately pushed forward with an investigation despite the pressure around him. brian ross is here with the unfolding drama tonight. brian? >> reporter: well, diane, one of the most controversial cases handled by the pope involved a pedophile priest who has since en found to have sexually abused more than 20 young boys. today, there are new allegations about the priest who founded a prominent church oer and his relationship with those certain to
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. in washington today, a duel over how america should police the big banks after the financial crisis. as we know, wall street is now roaring again, just today, jpmorgan chase announced a $3 billion profit in the first three months of the year. and jake tapper is with us in new york tonight, with a showdown about the government watchdog taking place, and tell us about it. >> reporter: president obama says the financial regulatory reform bill that he signs will make sure the american people never again have to choose between an economic collapse or taxpayer bailouts. remember george bailey from the classic film "it's a wonderful life"? a banker so beloved, the townspeople in his community willingly bailed him out in the movie's heartwarming ending. that concetoday, banks are complicated and vast, with tentacles stretching all over the world. they take big risks. and make big profits for stockholders and executives. >> an unfettered market, where people are taking huge risks and expecting taxpayers to bail them out when things go sour is simply not acceptable. >> reporter: president obama said toda
life. do you know which races in america live longest and why? >>> good evening. as we come on the air tonight, several of the gulf of mexico is on fire. crews are trying to burn off some of the crude oil spilling off the ocean because of the oil rig explosion last week. it's a radical attempt to keep the oil slick the size of jamaica from traveling closer to shore, poisoning more fish and polluting popular beaches along the coast. ryan is there with the latest. how do you light a fire on the ocean in water? >> it's interesting. what they did just a few minutes ago is light a float on fire, send it into that oil, and that explodes. as you said, this is sort of a last resort. nothing else they tried has worked, at least not fast enough, and there's so much here at stake. we took this boat out into the gulf to see for our schbls. more than a week after a fiery oil rig explosion caused this spill, a waters of the gulf of mexico are on fire again. this time, the flames were intentionally set. far offshore, crews lit some of the thickest parts of the oil slick ablaze, parts surrounded by fi
in the growing on capitol hill today. in the hot seat, the edof the most paurl investment firm in america. did goldm mman sachs put profit ahead of customers and what is enterprise, when is greed out of control? john carl was in the hearing room as it unfolded. tell us about it. >> with ceo lloyd flank fine at the table, they looked like prosecutors. he's 1 of the true titans of wall street. he was treated more like a defend, accused of double dealing his own clients. >> you think if your own people think somebody is a piece of crap and go out and sell that and your company bets against it, you thing that's deserves your trust? >> the nature of the principle business and market making is we're the other side of what our clients want to do. >> you are taking a position against the very security you are selling, and you are not trouble? >> senator, again -- >> and you want people to trust you? >> senator, i think people -- >> why, i wouldn't trust you. >> in my state, there's 48% of the homes are still under water, and you received $10 billion in t.a.r.p. money, and the community banks are the o
announced major changes in america's nuclear strategy, an overhaul that would scale back the role of nuclear weapons in u.s. defense plans and put unprecedented limits on when they could be used. the president calls it a significant step, but critics say it could weaken the country's ability to defend itself. here's jake tapper. >> reporter: the new policy restricts the use of nuclear weapons, and the obama administration insists it won't make america less safe. >> we are reducing the role and number of weapons in our arsenal while maintaining a safe, cure and effective deterrent to protect our nation, allies and partners. >> reporter: the most controversial part of what's called the nuclear posture review, the pledge to not use nuclear weapons against any country that has signed and is abiding by the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. even if those countries attack the u.s. with chemical and biological weapons. in a statement, republican senators john mccain and jon kyl expressed concerns that "the obama administration must clarify that we will take no option off the table to deter attacks ag
investigators are looking into possible child sex abuse on tos that take place slout central and south america and also africa. investigators are looking into allegations made by amstonian indian girls as young as 13 who say employees for a fishing tour operator came to their villages and offered them cleaning jobs which they accepted because their families needed money. once on the boat they were forced to pose in nude pictures and have sex. these girls who didn't want their faces shown say they were handed string buy bikinis. >> i was forced to have relations with one of the men who was 16 at the time. in this sworn affidavit, another girl who was just 13 at the time says she was impregnated by an american whose name she didn't even know and that afterwards her family threw her out. phil who operates fishing tours in brazil says abusing minors has become a cancer on the entire industry. >> what better way to get away from your wife and have a jeckell and hyde personality? go on a fishing trip to the amazon. >> because it sounds innocent. >> that's right. >> he has gathered pictures and video
that something unimaginable happened in america, and the faces we all saw then. this is the 15th anniversary of the attack on the murrah federal building in oklahoma city. abc's ryan owens went in search of those who survived. >> reporter: this morning in oklahoma city, they remembered. >> my little brother, testifien garrett. >> reporter: by reading the names of those they lost. >> my grandpa, mickey b. ma roenny. >> reporter: including a one year old girl whose image is forever seared in the national consciousness. bailey would have, should have turned sweet 16 this week. her mother transformed her greff into action. she crusades into making federal buildings safer. the glass shatter resistant. >> her death was so that she can make a difference to other families. >> reporter: chris win was also in the day care center. they weren't sure the 5-year-old would live. today he's a sore more at the university of oklahoma. >> it stuns me that the survivors made it through. >> reporter: patty hall wasn't supposed to make it either. the explosion broke 40 of her bones. today, she moves a bit slowly
when christopher columbus first landed in america which didn't turn out very well for the native americans. >> reporter: spend sometime with ufo believers, i thought they were lunatics. >> they don't like photographs. they don't like the flash. >> reporter: looks like i'm the chump. hawking believes spaceships could really be searching for planets to colonize. hang on, martin and killers from space, right all along? >> where do you come from? from a planet yet unknown to you. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, london. >>> make of it what you will. have a good night. wee see you back here tomorrow night. good night. troy reiners manages nebraska's child support program. he doesn't have time for lost checks. he doesn't have budget to waste. but he does have digital currency. 38 states use visa pre-paid cards to deliver benefits to familieinstantly instead of mailing checks, saving taxpayers millions. this is nebraska. this is progress. visa. currency of progress. i'm and driving all over town. i want one list. for one store.
's interview tomorrow morning on "good morning america." >>> and now, overseas to afghanistan, where it has been an extraordinary day for an american admiral serving two cultures, two very different koemd, an apology. it came after a mistake by american forces and nick schifrin, who covers afghanistan for us, says he's never seen anything like it before. >> reporter: in a dusty afghan village, the most senior american special operations commander showed up today with two sheep and surrendered. vice admiral william mcraven didn't literally surrender. but in the local custom, offering sheep to an aggrieved afghan father was the equivalent of begging for forgiveness. eight weeks ago, american and afghan special forces killed his two sons, two pregnant daughters and his granddaughter. the killings happened just hours after the family celebrated a baby shower. family members and afghan investigators tell abc news the troops entered the family's property at 4:00 a.m., believing insurgents were inside. one brother walked outside and was shot dead. the second brother went to collect his body. as he
, announced today she has breast cancer. she's 53. she told "good morning america" the cancer was found during a routine mammogram, after she skipped the screenings for four years. a lump was removed, and now she'll have six weeks of radiation. >>> and coming up next, she may not play like a concert master, but see what's possible when you play from the american heart. welcome to the world of lovaza, where nature meets science. if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, you may also have very high triglycerides -- too much fat in the blood. it's a serious medical condition. lovaza, along with diet, effectively lowers very high triglycerides in adults but has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or strokes. lovaza starts with omega-3 fish oil that's then purified and concentrated. it's the only omega-3 medication that's fda-approved. you can't get it at a health food store. lovaza isn't right for everyone. tell your doctor if you're allergic to fish, have other medical conditions and about any medications you're taking, especially those that may increase risk of bleeding.
. everyone agrees, a strong middle class is the key to america's recovery. and that means more jobs, and keeping people in their homes. but tonight, abc news has obtained a blistering new report which says the president's plan for homeowners is not working. 4.3 million of us could still lose our homes. and today, the major banks all but told congress they don't plan to offer much help. david muir is back on the fight for the middle class tonight. david? >> reporter: as you know, we've learned that the obama's administration l ask if the treasury can keep up with the foreclosures. just as the banks today did not sound willing on capitol hill. four of the nation's biggest banks pushed back today, asking, how can they possibly lower mortgages for all of those homeowners now under water? owing more on their home than its worth. jpmorgan pointed to the sheer cost, saying it would take hundreds of billions of dollars. but middle class advocates contend, is there not a place to meet in the middle? so far, of 1.1 million ho homeowners who signed up for the plan, only 170,000 have had their
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)